Financial support is essential to providing the magical things that women gather strength from. We are eager for our individual and corporate partners to help us fuel our mission and touch the lives of women battling cancer everywhere.

We are a non profit organization 501 (3) (c) and all donations are tax deductible (Tax I D. 32-0422442)

1. via Paypal or mail (see address in Contact Us page)

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2. via Amazon Smile (0.5% of your amazon shopping will benefit SHE WILL FIGHT!)

SHE WILL FIGHT is now a fundraising option on amazon smile! It’s easy to set up!
1. Log in to
2. On the upper right hand corner, select the drop down for YOUR ACCOUNT
4. Under pick your own charity organization, type She Will Fight and SEARCH
5. It should be the first on the list in Naples, FL – click on SELECT
6. Note the top of your page will now say supporting: She Will Fight

Corporate Marketing Partnerships

She Will Fight believes in the power of brand partnerships and collaborative marketing efforts. We offer brand partners an opportunity to engage consumers on a local level with an organization that is truly unique and stands apart from the others in this vast sea of cancer foundations.

Our team will work with you to develop integrated partnership opportunities and customized programs that will further your brand’s business objectives while advancing our mission to help women remember who they were before their fight began.

Corporate In-Kind and Pro-Bono Donations

A big part of our movement is engaging our local supporters. Your in-kind contributions allow us to offer women exciting incentives to help improve their quality of life and give the much needed strength to fight.

Corporate Matching Programs

Multiply the impact of your employees’ contributions by joining our corporate matching program. By offering to match your employees’ contributions, you’re not only encouraging and supporting their philanthropic efforts but also doubling the power of their monetary contribution.

Donate your Event

Turn your event into a fundraiser!!! Already have a girls night planned or a group that gets together once a month? Garage sale? Bunko? Wine Tasting? Be the inspiring group of women who gather, give, and show their support for her fight.

Donate your Time

“It takes a Village” and a team of talent to pull off a great event. Find out what’s happening in your community and get involved! Contact your state’s ambassador today on our Contact Us page.

Don’t see your state but want to get things moving in your community? BRAVO!! And by all means GO FOR IT!! Contact us and we will get a plan.

Spread the Word

Donating your voice is easy. You can copy and paste the Message below or blast your entire network with one of your own brilliant messages!
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The one of us who is stronger will lift the other and gather her broken pieces. Show your support and SHE WILL FIGHT!!!
Provide the calm and give the hope so she has the strength to fight… and SHE WILL FIGHT

Gather, support and lover her through this and SHE WILL FIGHT!

Become a Sponsor

At She Will Fight we seek to collaborate with companies that share our desire to help women improve their quality of life during her fight with the late stages of cancer.

For more information on corporate giving, Contact Us and we’ll get in touch with you.